Little Miss Thang, Making Herself at Home

My daughter told me the other day that the reason she likes Leia/Renesmee is that she likes scary things. That explains a lot.

It explains why she wasn’t fazed when we came home on this blustery day and found that Demon Doll had raided the liquor cabinet. Her thumbs aren’t flexible enough to work the remote, so what else was she to do? Though how she found sherry in the house, I don’t know. Well, make yourself right at home, little lady, because none of us have enough daring to gaze into your bloody-looking eyes and challenge you.

Careful, she's an angry drunk.

John says that she reminds him of Kirsten Dunst’s character in Interview With a Vampire. So it’s Leia, Claudia and Renesmee. Her various names add up to Claureneia. That is what I will call her. It’s as appalling as she is.  (BTW. If you haven’t met Claurenia before, read this.)

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  1. This doll totally freaks me out. My husband has issues with dolls in general so I would have loved to see his reaction if my MIL brought something like her to our house. Recently, I was honored with The Liebster Award and I wanted to share it with you and Claurenia.

    • Thank you, Domestic Goddess in Training! May I call you Goddess? The rest sounds so formal. I really appreciate the feedback and will think of the 5 to nominate… tomorrow.

      As for Claurenia, she’s still around, but thankfully Ducky Momo has usurped the “favorite doll in the house” throne.

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